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In close proximity to Sunny Beach are located the resorts St. Vlas and Elenite and the town of Nessebar.

Sunny Beach borders on Nessebar to the south. It was declared an architectural and archeological reserve in 1956. In 1983 the cultural monuments in the town were listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Nessebar is an ancient town with the modern look of a developing seaside resort, which however has preserved the history, religion and culture of different peoples over the centuries. Its first inhabitants were the Thracians, who called it Mesambria, which means ‘the town of Melsa’ – the founder of the settlement. In the 6th century BC Greeks the town was inhabited by the ancient Greeks, and four centuries later the Romans settled here, until in the year 812 it was conquered by Khan Krum after two weeks of siege and was made a part of the Bulgarian state.

Today Nessebar is one of the most preferred and attractive resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, a favorite place for many foreign and Bulgarian tourists. In 1983 it was listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site. The Old Town was declared an architectural and historical reserve and if you visit it you will see the remains of the ancient gate with the fortification wall dating from the III-IV century. The town was a great religious center, evidenced by the remains of about 42 churches, less than half of which have been restored by archaeologists. The better preserved ones are now transformed into art galleries, and only one of them is a functioning church. Nearly 60 houses from the time of the Bulgarian Revival may be seen grouped in several different parts of the town. They have retained their authentic appearance and keep the spirit of that bygone time.

Part of the history of these lands lives on in the artifacts collected and kept at the town’s Archaeological museum. The sea has claimed a part of the lands of present-day Nessebar – parts of the ramparts can be seen under the water near the coast. Visiting the old town of Nessebar is a wonderful opportunity to combine your summer holiday with an encounter with the past.


Other attractions in the vicinity of Sunny Beach

Kamchia biosphere reserve
The biosphere reserve "Kamchia" lies near Elenite holiday resort. It includes the "Kamchia Sands" locality on the lower course of the river Kamchia. In the reserve visitors can see a variety of plants, including forests of summer oak, wild pear, alder, white poplar, elm, ash and others. The reserve is home to around 200 bird species, as well as many species of fish.

Lovers of excitement and adrenaline can visit the two aqua parks located within Sunny Beach resort – Action Aqua Park and Aqua Paradise. Aqua Paradise is the largest and most attractive aqua park in Bulgaria, with many facilities guaranteeing its visitors high adrenaline and emotions. There are several types of Kamikaze slides, Twister, Niagara, trampolines, boats ... and many other surprises; some of the attractions are very extreme and preferred by thrill seekers. It offers a variety of restaurants and bars to make your stay even more pleasant.

Address: Sunny Beach, 61 Fregata quarter

GPS: 42.66973034741465 / 27.705762684345245

Phone: +359 882 627940; +359 885 970950


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