Sozopol Dreams Location

Sozopol Dreams Complex is in immediate proximity to the central area of the New town of Sozopol. The city of Burgas and Burgas airport are at only 30 km from the complex.

Sozopol is the oldest town at the south Bulgarian coast, founded in 610 B.C. as a Hellenic colony (polis) under the name Apollonia Pontica. The first settlement dates from the end of the IV-III millennium B.C. In underwater archaeological excavations, remains from homes, pottery and tools from the Bronze Age were found. Numerous stone anchors were found in Sozopol bay dated to the II-I millennium B.C., providing evidence for active navigation in the area since very ancient times.
The town grew significantly in Antiquity and became centre of arts. Its contemporaries called it Apollonia Magna (Great Apollonia).
In 72 B.C. Sozopol was conquered and plundered by the Romans and the fortification wall was demolished. In the IV c the place was in revival again. Then it was called Sozopolis – Town of Salvation. The place stayed as traditionally Byzantine town and fortress in the outskirts of Constantinople and it was as late as 812 when Sozopol was conquered by Khan Krum and included in the territory of the Bulgarian state.

Address: 36 Ropotamo str, Sozopol, Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 550 22008
Mobile: + 359 886 677269

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