Splendid - St. Constantine Featured Questions and Answers

Includes in the price of apartments extend to using services Hotel Romance?

Extend to using additional services like spa, restaurant, fitness center, business center and a wine house.

All apartments have balconies?

Each apartment provides a balcony.

Is it possible to use free parking around the complex?

Yes, there is a park around the complex places that you can use free.
We also have a indoor garage, the price is 10.00 leva (5 euro) per day.

How many meters from the complex to the beach?

Complex is on 500 meters to the beach.

The water in the indoor pool mineral or not?

Water is not a mineral, but it is geting warm 28-32'

At Sea offers umbrellas and deck chairs?

Yes, around beach offers umbrellas and deck chairs, but they are paid separately.

Is it possible the apartment view to look at the pool?

Planning one bedroom apartments come and possible view at the pool, but when you book two bedroom apartment be aware that the area that one particular view of the pool and the other to the garden.

Can I book the transfer from the airport to the hotel?

Yes, you make to book transfer from airport Varna.

If you want to book, please contact us and organize transfer.


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